Alizah Josette

A Journey of Ingenuity & Purpose

Alizah Josette struggled to find an adequate pillow that would allow unrestricted movement but prevent harmful twists and strains of the head and neck muscles. Through her persistence, dedication and numerous prototypes, she unlocked the secret to a soothing night’s sleep – a pillow that cradles and supports the head and neck, promotes alignment of the spine, and allows flexibility of sleeping positions. Fueled by the excitement of this discovery and a deep determination to help others improve their quality of rest, Alizah pioneers the revolutionary design Spherehead – the dream pillow meticulously crafted for those seeking comfortable and meaningful rest.

If you are still in need of a good night’s sleep or simply tired of waking up with sore neck muscles, Spherehead is your solution.

Spearheading the pillow industry with its groundbreaking design,

helping you achieve optimal comfort and support.


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