Say Goodbye to Your Resting Woes and Welcome Rejuvenating Support!

Say Goodbye to Your Resting Woes and Welcome Rejuvenating Support!

Do you wake up with a stiff neck or struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position during the night?

Spherehead’s innovative design offers restorative sleep every night by providing gentle support of the head and neck and promoting proper spine alignment.

A Journey of 
Ingenuity & Purpose

Alizah Josette struggled to find an adequate pillow that would allow unrestricted movement but prevent harmful twists and strains of the head and neck muscles. Through her persistence, dedication and numerous prototypes, she unlocked the secret to a soothing night’s sleep – a pillow that cradles and supports the head and neck, promotes alignment of the spine, and allows flexibility of sleeping positions. Fueled by the excitement of this discovery and a deep determination to help others improve their quality of rest, Alizah pioneers the revolutionary design Spherehead – the dream pillow meticulously crafted for those seeking comfortable and meaningful rest.

Transform Your Sleep Experience

Optimal Cervical Spine & Neck Support

Spherehead’s unique design embraces your sleeping habits and benefits your body. The Spherehead memory foam pillow cradles your head and mirrors the natural curve of your cervical spine. Back sleepers enjoy unrestricted movement, while Spherehead prevents damaging twists and turns of the head and neck allowing muscles to relax and unwind.

Ideal for Sleep Apparatus

Whether you doze on your back or side, the Spherehead pillow does not interfere with any sleep apparatus, such as an eye mask or a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. Side sleepers adore the gentle contour of the Spherehead pillow that rests along the curve of the cheek, ensuring the face is unobstructed.

Premium Haircare

Spherehead’s 100% charmeuse pillowcase is beneficial for all hair types. While the pillowcase is machine washable and durable, the smooth material bolsters healthy hair and helps prevent breakage.  

How to put on your pillowcase

Points to Note:

  • As the Spherehead differs in shape and size from the average pillow, please note an adjustment period may be necessary for the mind and body to become accustomed to the innovative design. It is recommended to use the Spherehead pillow for seven consecutive nights to allow muscle memory and achieve maximum comfort.
  • Similar to a variety of health care treatments (such as physical therapy, acupuncture or a massage), initial discomfort may be present. But like so many healing aides, the benefits of sleeping with the Spherehead pillow are noticeable and significant immediately and/or after one week of continued use.
  • The included charmeuse fabric pillowcase is optional. A standard pillowcase fits the Spherehead pillow allowing the user to sleep on their material preference.
  • Charmeuse pillowcase cleaning instructions:
    • Machine wash cold inside out on delicate cycle or hand wash with a mild detergent
    • Tumble dry low or hang to dry
    • Spot clean memory foam pillow as needed with water and a mild detergent



The unique design makes it feel like you can turn your head and easily adjust. The scooped out design is a welcomed component. The memory foam is a nice alternative. Also, the sleek cover is comfortable and feels like you’re using a pillow from home.

Brighton, MA

Unique and smart design. The Spherehead has helped my neck and back pain. It has also really improved my quality of sleep

Cranston, RI

I’ve been struggling my whole life with neck and back pain, this pillow has been my saving grace. I wake up feeling refreshed and energized each morning.

Cranston, RI

For a number of years I have had chronic neck pain due to arthritis.  Prior to using the Spherehead pillow, I would wake up with intense pain across my occipital ridge.  A friend of mine gave me the Spherehead pillow to try and I found after using it for three nights I woke up pain free.

I have continued to use the pillow every night and find that I sleep well and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.  I would highly recommend the Spherehead pillow to people with neck discomfort.  It will take 3 to 5 nights to adjust to the shape because it is so different from my previous chiropractic or memory foam pillows.

Barrington RI, Massage Therapist

I was a little skeptical about the oddly shaped pillow, but after a night or two, I love it.  Before Spherehead, I would wake up with my arm numb or my shoulder stiff, I just couldn’t get it into the right position.  After Spherehead no more discomfort.  I would highly recommend the pillow for anyone who is having trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep.

Barrington RI, Software Engineer

I am more relaxed, sleeping better, and waking up with less stiffness, since using the Spherehead Pillow.

Meg Corrigan
Newport, RI

I’ve tried other memory foam and down pillows and most didn’t work. I was skeptical about trying Spherehead Pillow at first because I like my head to be raised so I sleep on multiple pillows. I tried the Spherehead Pillow, flat on the bed with no other pillows and found it was more comfortable and will continue using it. My eight-year-old niece liked it too. We both think it’s very comfortable

Jorene Couture Esq.
Spherehead’s first customer on

Over the 43 years that I have been a Chiropractic Physician, I have tried more than 20 cervical pillows to see if they were worth my recommendation. I can honestly say that the Spherehead Pillow is the first and only one that I recommend. My own experience is that I have better sleep quality and less morning stiffness or discomfort. Nothing works for everyone, but if you try this pillow for at least a week I am confident that you won’t be disappointed

Dr. Michael Gottfried
Chiropractor, Middletown, RI

I am a side sleeper, as I have lower back discomfort at times and cannot sleep comfortably on my back. Although I prefer a firmer pillow, memory foam pillows just didn’t work for me — until I tried Spherehead Pillow. It has been very helpful. After using Spherehead Pillow every night for the past four months, I’m happy to say that I now sleep comfortably and soundly on my back as well as my side. Spherehead Pillow has really been a game changer for me.

Fredric Pollnac
Registered Nurse

If you are still in need of a good night’s sleep or simply tired of waking up with sore neck muscles, Spherehead is your solution.

Spearheading the pillow industry with its groundbreaking design,

helping you achieve optimal comfort and support.


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